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You are a statement piece; your home should be, too. Your moods and your uniqueness, your own personal flare…  it should all be reflected in the place you call home. At Gray’s Home Fashion Gallery we’re all about self-expression. Our furnishings define top-notch quality – but in a myriad of styles. Whether you’re traditional or contemporary, a homegrown gal or a jet-setter, Gray’s has the products and the talent to showcase your style.

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Miles Talbott envisions stylish approachability. It reflects your desire to be connected; not to impress through fuss or frills. A blend of comfortable modernity with down-to-earth style, Miles Talbott sends a message: “Come in and stay a while.”


It’s the equivalent of your favorite pullover on a cold drizzly day. Shabby Chic is more than a style or a line of furnishings; it’s a mindset – one that gives a nod to putting your feet up for a change. Relaxed and laid back, but with a glance to the elegant, it’s like quickly thrown-on grace in a casual style.



Sometimes you’re traditional; other times, unexpected. Like you, Wesley Hall knows what it is to be a knockout. Just the perfect kick of color or maybe carved detail, and that corner where no one sat becomes the conversation starter!







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