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You can tell a lot about a person with a simple walk-through of their home; let Vanguard speak for you. Your personal class will speak through each custom-crafted piece and create inviting rooms that will definitely draw-in a crowd. From sofas to admirable accents, start by picking the pieces that speak to you.


Known for beautiful lines and simple stitching; these sofas offer surprise to your guests, as they are as cozy as they are classy. Click for more.

Living Room Accents

If you’re looking to create a room that’s the talk of the party, a dash of these dapper accents will always do the trick! Click for more.


No matter if they’re plain or printed, these chairs are always proper. Whether you’re looking for a chair to speak as your standout piece, or find one that matches your personal pattern, you can never go wrong with Vanguard. Click for more.


Classic, cool, and handcrafted; that’s the message these benches project in a room. Every line and every curve is made with unique craftsmanship that caters to your personal style. Click for more.

Dining Chairs and Stools

Make a statement with your dining space. Some of the best memories are created over the dinner table; pick the chairs that build a lasting impression. Click for more.

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