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With just a little inspiration, good ideas become great ideas. At Gray’s, we’re always learning about the latest trends, looking for unusual pieces, and exploring new ways to use them. Then we pass our inspiration on to you to help you showcase your style in fresh, unexpected ways. You can further your knowledge by reading these home decorating books and visiting websites listed below.



If you like to window shop, you’ll fall in love with Houzz. It’s a gallery of design ideas searchable by room, style, color and more.

Design Sponge

People “in the know” know about Its how-to and where-to-buy tips are available for daily consumption and commentary.

Elle Décor

If youre into pop culture, this gold-standard design magazine offers sneak peeks of celebrity homes and tips for how to achieve the same style on your own.

Elements of Style

For those who value style in every facet of life, this East Coast design blog shares the best in interior decorating and fashion.

Books & Magazines

The Perfectly Imperfect Home

Deborah Needleman explains how to live well and decorate to give your home a soul.

Young House Love

There’s no need for a big budget—sweat equity and creativity can help you rock a starter home.

Design Sponge at Home

From Skittles® and license plates to your neighbor’s striped chamois, inspiration is everywhere; don’t be afraid to soak it up.

Live, Love, & Decorate

Decorating isn’t the time to be shy. Ideas abound for the bold and adventurous, whether home is a bungalow or a high-rise.

Shabby Chic

Learn to spot the well-worn, loved and wrinkled, and how to use it in your home, with Rachel Ashwell’s book.

An Affair With The House

Good ideas, a good eye and great practical advice will help you create the home you’ll want to live in forever.

Point of View

Experience, perspective, and photos to match translate into a commonsensical book that provides rich food for thought.

Secrets to Finishing Beautiful Interiors

Leslie Sinclair shares her secrets on how fine finishing can transform and enhance any interior.

Segreto Style

Segreto Style takes you on a breathtaking tour of thirty-nine exquisite interiors which transcend the style spectrum.